Trekking & Hiking

Hiking the Roman Quarries

At an altitude of 540m, we find the remains of a Roman quarry of monolithic columns. Ten gigantic columns, (12m long and 1,5m diam apprx.) quarried straight out of the rock still lie intact. They would have been transported by boat to ancient Athens, Rome, Constantinople or other destinations.

Trekking in the Demosaris Gorge

The Demosari's Gorge constitutes one of the most beautiful landscapes of Evia. The route starts from Petrokanalo below Giouda, the peak of Ochi Mt(1396), and follows a 10km trail (3,5 hours) which ends on the beach of Kallianou (Lenossei), in the Aegean sea. The trail follows the Demosaris river and is partly stone paved (ancient cobbled track). The descent is made through a stunning landscape of plane and chestnut trees. Eco-tourists and those keen on bird watching will discover a unique paradise, since the gorge boasts approximately 210 species of birds.

Archambolis Gorge

The Archambolis Gorge lies on the northeastern side of Mount Ochi. While walking down the gorge, you can distinguish where the walls of an ancient city remain. According to the archaeologist Keller, these were the walls of a settlement and an acropolis from the 6th and 7th century BC. Archaeologists claim that there was an ancient port, temples and mines in the area. The trail ends on a beautiful cozy beach.

Charakas Gorge (Styra)

Located in a town just 20 minutes drive from the hotel is the small Charakas ravine. The path to the gorge begins at an altitude of 120m, ending at the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.